Schrein, Friedhof Ebene der Tonkrüge Xieng Khouang - Laos

Schrein, Friedhof Ebene der Tonkrüge Xieng Khouang, Laos
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  • (From At two of the sites earthenware jars have been found containing human bones, reinforcing the view that the jars themselves were used to hold the remains of the dead, with the larger jars perhaps reserved for the aristocracy. Scholars postulate that the bodies were first interred in the giant stone urns which were sealed with carved lids, then later disinterred, cremated, and finally buried in earthenware jars. Both stone jars and earthenware urns were decorated with motifs such as cats, stars, or the raised-arm figure that the modern Lao call the "frog man". (John)